What to create eBooks for your readers,
but not sure where to start?

No Worries, we are here to help you! 

Your Ebook Template

Canva Template!

Create your eBook right away!

You can either use it to grow your email list or start making money from selling eBooks.

Save your time!

With the template, you only need to work on the content.

Create Your Lead Magnets!

Offer freebies to get subscribers is your best strategy! I quickly got 500 subscribers by offering tailor-made freebies for my visitors!

Is this YOU?

You want to create your eBook, but do not have time?

You have specific topics or experience to share, but have not much time to prepare?

You want to grow your email list by creating lead magnets, but no idea where to start?

You already have your content ready, but no idea what to do next?

You have a blog business, but no idea how to design your workbooks for your online course?

That's why we create Your Canva Template!


What if you can:

Finish your workbook in less than 30 minutes?

Have a professional-looking design that your audience will love?

Create your first lead magnets in less than 10 minutes?

Make passive income with eBooks?

Your Canva Template

Not just a template, but more!

Designer For Bloggers

I use this template as lead magnets for my blog, I quickly got 500 subscribers in 2 months!

Save Your Time

Your Ebook Template aims to save your time when creating eBooks or lead magnets!


Canva tutorial is also included in the product. We make sure you know how to use it!

Your Ebook Template includes:

40 pages of templates

including 3 cover page options, 5 essential pages templates and 16 content page templates!

Ebook, Lead Magnets, Workbooks

best for your blogging business!

Canva Tutorial

No skills needed to use the templates!

I quickly created my first eBook in 1 hour! It is really helpful, now I have income from my eBook every month!
Mom Blogger

Frequently Asked Questions:

You need this product if you:

  • Want to create your first passive income by selling eBooks.
  • Want to grow your email list by offering your lead magnets.
  • Creators who have workshops, online courses, service-based business. 

Yes, the templates are perfectly suitable to edit and use with a free Canva account.

If you do not have a Canva account you’ll be required to sign up for a free one in order to access these templates.

Yes! The template is fully customizable and editable with a free Canva account. You can change any element that you think best suit your brand and business.

Due to the instantly downloadable nature of the products, refunds are not not possible. 

If you have further questions about the template, please feel free to contact us at hello@heronlineempire.com

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