Payhip Review: My personal experience as a new seller!

When it comes to selling digital products, it is crucial to use the right platform since it saves you a lot of time and hustle. However, many good tools cost quite some money, and it would be perfect to start with the free platform, so no stress in selling your first digital products. This post shares why you should use Payhip to sell your first digital products and a detailed comparison with other platforms!

I have been blogging for more than five years, but I only started selling my digital products in 2020. Although blog brings me good money, I still preferred to use the free platform to sell my digital products. Why? I want to keep my monthly cost as low as possible! If a free tool is good, why not use them right?

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Honest Review about Payhip!

Why I want to share my experience with Payhip

When I decided to use Payhip, only very few people share their experiences online, so I wasn’t sure if it’s the right platform and was even a bit skeptical about the platform.

When I made my first sale from Payhip, I want to let people know good it is and why it is the best option for you, especially if you are on a budget, low ticket product, and have no list to sell but still want to give it a try. I hope to provide you with the best and affordable tool to start making money online, not recommend many pricy affiliate products!

Why should you use Payhip as a new seller?

Many posts recommend tools like SendOwl, ConvertKit to sell your digital products. Those are a good tool when you already have:

  • a stable income from your blog/business
  • a business account for Stripe/Paypal
  • a higher-priced product

If you just started, are on a budget, or would like to give it a try, I highly recommend you to start with a free platform, unless you know your products WILL SELL or you have higher price ticket offers.

Tips on choosing the best platform for you:

How to choose the best platform?

I always love to find the best tool for myself when running my blog business and I would love to help you as well.

Ask yourself these questions to choose the best platform for you:

  • Have a ConvertKit account + Stripe account + low-ticket product? 👉🏼 Convertkit!
  • Make at least $300 per month with your digital product 👉🏼 SendOwl
  • Not sure when you make the sale each month or make less than $300 in revenue per month? 👉🏼 Payhip
  • Flash sale and make less than $300 in revenue? 👉🏼 SendOwl

Below is a detailed comparison of the most commonly used platform to sell low-ticket digital products.

Suitable for?New/budget seller
(Revenue < $180/month)
Seller sells more than $180/monthPerfect if you use ConvertKit and have a Stripe account.
Fee/month?$0$15/month standard plan$25/month for the annual plan
Transaction cost?5% of the revenue0%3.5% of the revenue
Need Stripe/Paypal Business account?NoNoYes
Host your affiliate program?Yes, freeYesNo
RemarkBest option for first-time seller!Pro tip: also a good option to sell online course.ConvertKit is the best email marketing tool.
Link to WebsiteVisit PayhipCheck out SendOwlTry ConvertKit Free plan!

ConvertKit: the best choice if you use ConvertKit and have stripe account

ConvertKit is the best email marketing tool, but I would only recommend it if:

  • You already use ConvertKit as a marketing tool.
  • You have a Stripe account.
  • Don’t mind their 3.5% transaction cost.

Keep in mind that you cannot connect your private Paypal account to ConvertKit. Their system does not allow it. If you only want to give it a try, Payhip is your first option since it’s free, and you can connect it with your private Paypal account.

ConvertKit is my favorite email marketing tool, but unfortunately, I don’t have Stripe. If you would like to join ConvertKit for free, use my link to sign up! The free plan is invitation only!

SendOwl: the best option if you sell more than $180 per month

SendOwl is a widely known platform to sell digital products! However, they only have paid option. Pricing started from $15!

The good thing is that no transaction fee, not even if you start with the standard plan! However, if you are not sure if your product will sell, do you still want to pay $15/month? That’s $180/year!

Think of it this way, if your product is $30, 5% is $1.5. It only makes sense to use SendOwl when you sell more than $300 per month since $300*5% = $15!

SendOwl is for you if:

  • You sell higher-priced digital products.
  • Product profit can go over monthly costs.
  • You want to host an affiliate program for your products, then choose SendOwl! With only $15/month, you can host your affiliate program to create more sales!

How to fully utilise SendOwl? Pro Tip if you want to sell online courses:

If you also sell an online course but don’t want to pay more than $35/month only hosting an affiliate program. It would be best to choose SendOwl for the course checkout page and then use Zapier to guide your paid students to register their Podia account.

This way, your total cost is only $35+$15 = $60! The best part of all is that no need to pay transaction costs to Podia and SendOwl!

Payhip: the best platform for new sellers

Payhip is the best option for creators making less than $180 in revenue per month.

The best platform to start selling your digital products for budget bloggers or new bloggers! You can also host your affiliate program with the free plan! No extra cost to you if you run the affiliate program!

I made my first sale three months after launching; below, you can see how much the transaction costs are:

Since I use the free plan from Payhip, they charge 5% per transaction. Also, my payment gateway Paypal charges 6%. Is it worth it? Yes! Since I have no email list to sell, I just put it on my blog. If I paid the monthly subscription for three months before my first sale, it would cost me $9 * 3 = $27 for nothing!

When someone just made a purchase, you get the email notification right away!

It feels so nice when you see these email notification in your email inbox, especially when you are in your free time!

How to use Payhip?

It is straightforward to navigate the Payhip dashboard. You can create your shop in less than 10 minutes.

Here I will show a few tips, so you can expect form Payhip and how to use it right away!

1. Want to know your product conversion rate?

The dashboard gives a clear overview of how many people visit your store and product pages, how many people click on the pay now page (conversion rate).

2. Optional to hide your secret promotion on your store page and add buyers into your email list!

If you have some products that you don’t want to show on your store page, tick the box to hide them. In addition, you can link your Email Marketing tool to your Payhip account, so the buys are subscribed to your email list automatically.

3. Host the affiliate program for your products

Tired of selling affiliate products? Create your digital products and invite others to join your affiliate program. Let other people promote the products for you!

4. Limit the number of times the buyer can download the file!

Since it is a digital product, you can limit the number of times that the buyer can download the file. This is optional.

5. My honest Payhip review (Update: Oct 2021)

There are many posts sharing their experience using other expensive platforms like Podia, Teachable and etc. That’s because they could get a higher commission from it.

If you just start out selling your digital products and do not want to put so much money upfront, then use Payhip!

I personally have no complaints about Payhip since it’s free and no issues when selling my digital products. I’ve got no complains from my customers and I believe it’s very easy to use. The only disadvantage is that Payhip charges 5% when you make a sale, but I believe it is reasonable since I use their service.

I find Payhip a good tool for budget bloggers and people who just started. I hope this post helpful. If you would like to share Payhip experience, please let me know!

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