How I made my first $100 in my first month of blogging!

Making money from blogging is not a secret anymore! You are now most likely wondering how to monetize your blog and make money as a new blogger? This post will share how I made my first $10,000 from blogging and my top blogging secrets! I promise you will get valuable information in this post!

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What?! You can make money from blogging?!

Totally! I am sure it is why you are reading this post! Before I started making money from my blog, I could only read other people’s income reports. Now finally, it is my turn!

There are many income reports from bloggers in different niches, and even some bloggers make six-figures per year online. I love reading these income reports since I usually investigate how they make money online! Afterward, I will see if I can use the same approach for my blog! I strongly recommend you do the same!

Some facts about me and my blog:

I have read many income reports online, and many of them have marketing backgrounds or probably run their blogs for many years. The fact is: I have no marketing background, and the blog that earned my first $100 was created in less than a year ago.

Below is the fact about my blog:

  • Blog niche: personal finance and blogging tips
  • Monthly Page Views: 1,000+ (you don’t need high traffic volume to make money)
  • Target audience: Traditional Chinese Users located in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The blog started in early 2020, and I had a strategy to monetize it from day 1. Here, I would like to share how I did it. I created this blog to help you make money online.

How to make money from blogging FAST?!

If you want to make money online fast, you need to plan well and have a strategy.

Many people start their blogs and write random content whenever they feel like it. That’s okay but not good if you want to have blogging as one of your income streams. Or many people start their blog without a good plan and blogging knowledge, they learn and apply the strategy to their blogs at the same time, and that, of course, takes more time!

The formula for a profitable blog

In my second blog, I made $75 in my first month of blogging. Within six months, I’ve made $1,000. How did I do that? I know what makes a profitable blog.

A profitable blog usually consists of the following:

  • Profitable niche (+ content strategy)
  • Know who your readers are
  • Traffic strategy
  • Income strategy

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Once you have a good plan for your blog and have your content ready before you start your blog, you can make money online much faster! For my second blog, I even started my Instagram account one month before the blog launch and asked my followers to sign up for my free course!

Do you know how to make money from your blog fast?
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What I did right in the first place!

#1: Choose the right web hosting company

There are many free blog platforms, like Bloggers from Google or , but they all force you to have either ad display on your blog or not flexible blog themes! Therefore, I highly recommend having a self-host blog!

Benefits of having a self-host blog:

  • Ads on your blog are optional! No one forces you to place the ads!
  • A lot of Plugs-Ins, like Apps on your phone to have more features for your blog
  • Can have professional blog themes with a paid theme

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How to do that? You need:

  • Domain Name
  • Web Hosting Company

I highly recommend BlueHost, with my link, you can start your blog with less than $3 per month!

It’s affordable, and they provide fast customer service! The customer service team fixed my issues within less than 15 minutes. It’s a good investment!

You probably don’t want to invest a lot of money in your blog; I understand because that was how I felt at first, but trust me, it’s worth the investment; you can get your web hosting fee back quickly if you monetize your blog from the start!

I chose a free platform for my first blog, but after six months, when my blog became popular, I regretted that I did not have a self-host blog from the start. Then, I needed to hire a professional company to transfer all my blog posts from the free domain to my own paid domain to have a good SEO score on Google. That did cost me quite some money.

I highly recommend you to have your own domain from the start! I chose BlueHost for my travel blog, and I didn’t regret it. In fact, I was delighted.

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#2 Choose a profitable niche

Choosing a specific and profitable niche is a crucial factor for a successful blog.

The most profitable niche does not have to be the most popular niche. Sometimes, topics that are not that popular could be a chance to make money since not many people are talking about them.

Based on the research from , the most profitable niches are:

  • Personal Finance (24%)
  • Marekting (21%)
  • Food (17%)
  • Lifestyle (15%)
  • Mommy (12%)
  • Travel (11%)

If the niche that you are interested in is not listed above, it does not mean you cannot make money from your blog.

Highly recommend you start looking for niche blogs that you are interested in and see if the bloggers profit from the blog. From what I know, one DIY blog can earn at least $1,000 from ads, so don’t give up on your hobby.

#3 Know my target audience

It’s vital to know your target audience, who reads your posts! Once you identify your target audience, please map out your content strategy plan, like what articles you will write. You need to figure out what your readers like and dislike to provide the content they want to read.

Remember: a blog is just like a news agency, and news (blog content) is the key to a popular newspaper!

How to know who your target audience is?

Method #1:

Ask yourself, what content you want to deliver and who wants to read your content? Besides, think about what other topics that your target audience will like?

Then, list down the post tiles you are planning to write. I recommend having 10-15 posts titles and see if you can connect your posts to others posts on your blog.

Method #2:

  • Go to Google Analytics/Pinterest Analytics for the below information:
  • Demographics
  • Age
  • Gender
  • What they like/dislike (check which posts are popular and ones that are not)

#4 Content Planning with a strategy

Content is the key to a successful and profitable blog. You need to provide useful and valuable information to your readers.

For my blogs, there are two types of posts:

  • Useful information to build trust from my readers (75%)
  • Product Review with Affiliate Marketing (25%)

I always plan the next five posts I will write and make sure I have unique/exclusive information. This way, my readers get new information from my posts.

For example, I share secret spots for my travel blog only local people know about in my blog posts. That’s the critical factor that helps me to stand out from other travel blogs.

#5 Know how to drive income before starting the blog

Many people launch their blog first and try to monetize the blog as they write more articles or even when they have some traffic to their blog.

I took the same approach since I did not know you can make a living from blogging, and it took me at least three years to realize that.

If you aim to make money from your blog, I recommend having your income strategy from the start, thinking about if it is possible to have income from day 0 (before launching your blog):

#1 Display ads:

once you have stable traffic to your blog, you can join Google Adsense or some other Ad Network to earn ad income. The pros of it are that you can generate revenue quickly via your blog, but the cons are that your blog would be with some ads in your post, which is less reader-friendly.

#2 Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is the best way to generate income from your blog for new bloggers!

If you join an affiliate program or affiliate network, then you can promote products/signups in your niche to your readers. If your readers complete an order/signup, etc. (depends on the terms of the affiliate program), you get commissions! No need to be spammy; I highly recommend reading this one!

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#3 Sponsored posts:

Once your blog gets attention from brands, you might get sponsored posts to work with them.

#4 Selling digital products:

You can quickly generate your income by creating your digital products, like ebook or online course! If so, I highly recommend using SendOwl and Podia to do this. They are cheaper than teachable and very user friendly. A useful tool for budget bloggers!

#5 Freelance work:

Your blog is the place to show what you have got.

Many bloggers use their blog as the portfolio to attract clients for their freelance work, especially if you are good at digital marketing or web analytics.

Case Study: how I made money from my blog fast!

Before I started my second blog, I already had my income strategy: Affiliate Marketing and Digital Products.

I created free 5-day courses for building your blog beforehand and shouted out on Instagram about it. When I launch my blog, I already have a list for my free 5-day email course. The next four months after the blog launch, I collected many questions regarding the free email course, and then I created my first online course for making money online with a Full-Time Job.

Within six months, I’ve generated $700 from my new blog! I can do it, so can you!

I wasn’t that lucky for my travel niche blog as I did not have an income strategy at first.

I created my travel ebook, but it was not a success since you can find plenty of information online nowadays. Then, I joined this course; it helped me understand that it is possible to generate a good income from Affiliate Marketing. After implementing the course strategies, I finally made $10,000 in 2019 only from Affiliate Marketing.

Remember to have a revenue strategy before launching your site, so you are on your way to generating your blog income!

#6 Start collecting my email list from day 1

Before you launch your blog, be sure you also have your freebies ready for collecting your email list!

As mentioned earlier, I already prepared my 5-day email course before launching my blog; I connect with my readers and get income fast!

Many people have issues finding the right freebie for their blog. Let me give you some tips:

  • Check out what other people are offering, and you offer something even more or offer different content. Most people are offering a 5-day email course, I do the same, but with extra information, I also teach people about how to make money fast and in the right way!
  • Provide VALUABLE freebie: when other people are selling the information in an ebook, I offer FREE. For example, you can give away free but very nicely designed Pinterest templates!

After collecting your email list, you need to send out an email regularly. Here, I create email automation workflows, so my readers get email regularly, not only when I feel like sending them emails.

Here, I highly recommend MailerLite for new bloggers! It’s free, and you can have up to 1,000 subscribers and use an email automation function! Many bloggers use Convertkit, it is a powerful marketing tool, but the price is high for new bloggers. MailerLite is free and also easy to use.

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#7 Shouting out on Instagram

As a new blog, I highly recommend using social media to drive traffic and build your audience. With the right approach, you get people to notice you a lot quicker than getting traffic from search engines.

I started my Instagram account one month before the launch and shared my experience making a profitable blog. By implementing the right approach, people noticed my post on Instagram and signed up for my free email course!

It does not take that much time to make a post on Instagram. With just some information sharing, lovely photos, and share your wins, you can build your audience fast.

Apart from Instagram, you can also create Pinterest Business Account to get followers! Pinterest is by far the best tool to drive traffic for new bloggers! I recommend two courses for Pinterest Traffic Strategy: Pinterest Traffic Explosion (limited offer $99, original price $297) and Pinterest Traffic Avalanche. I quickly got 3,000 pages views for my new blog after taking the course!

Treat your blog like a business!

It is never easy to make money from your blog; it is not something you write, then the money is in your pocket. You need to plan and have a strategy for it.

Many people say: treat your blog like a business. That is correct! Once you treat it like a business, I am sure it will not let you down.

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