11 Feminine WordPress Themes that your readers will absolutely love!

What is worth investing in your blog apart from web-hosting service, it’s definitely WordPress Themes! A good WordPress theme helps you rank high on search engine results, and make readers stay longer on your blog (increase your pages views)!

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Why is a good WordPress theme so crucial for your blog?

#1 Save you a lot of time if you have no tech background!

When I started my first WordPress blog, I did not have much money to invest in my blog and did not buy WordPress themes. However, I kept trying different free themes in my spare time, but couldn’t find ones that I like and kept wondering why other people had such beautiful blogs. That wasted a lot of time!

Once I bought the WordPress themes, I finally knew why! Free themes have so many limitations, which was why my blog did not look nice! Most paid themes are with nice and beautiful design, so if you choose the theme you like, it can save your precious time, especially if you have a busy life!

#2 Blog design is part of your brand identity

Your blog design is the first thing that comes to your readers’ attention! In the best case, you should align your blog layout with your target audiences’ preferences! For my blog, I target women who would like to start their online business journey. Therefore, I have pink as my blog theme color and have a feminine theme!

Before deciding which themes to buy, think about who your target audience is, what they like, and what messages you would like to deliver to them!

#3 Very User-Friendly, especially for mobile users

Nowadays, most blogs have more than 70% of traffic from mobiles, so it is crucial to have a mobile-friendly website. If your blog is not with responsive web design (RWD), mobile users might not stay long on your page, most likely not going to visit other pages on your blog.

Also, Google has clearly stated that websites/blogs with responsive web design (RWD) rank higher on the search results. If you would like to drive more traffic to your website, make sure your websites/blogs are with RWD design!

If you are on a budget but would like to start a beautiful blog, click here to get the paid themes for free!

Check these things first before buying the themes:

#1 Price

Now, many companies or even small companies sell WordPress themes online. Some are expensive, and some are very cheap. What’s the reasonable price for a paid theme? I would say the regular price is between $59-$129. If it’s less than $59, I suggest not buying them. Why? A paid theme needs to be updated regularly, and it requires some effort for it!

#2 Updates

WordPress updates its software regularly to offer the best service and prohibits the virus. Therefore, the paid themes must be regularly updated as well. If it does not update regularly, your theme might not be compatible with WordPress in the future. I believe you would like to use the paid theme for a long time.

#3 Customer Support

Buying WordPress themes is just like buying anything else in our daily life. You would expect good after-sales service if anything goes wrong. Usually, you need to install the theme yourself after you buy it, but it is very easy. However, sometimes you might have some issues, and it is essential to have excellent after-sales service!

#4 Your brand message

As mentioned earlier, your blog theme is part of your brand identity, and your blog design is the first impression that comes to your readers’ minds. Before you buy a paid theme, answer the below questions:

  • Who your target audience is?
  • What color suit your target audience?
  • What message do you want to deliver to your audience?

Top 11 Feminine WordPress Themes that make your blog stunning!

Below are the top 11 Feminine WordPress Themes that I find very suitable for female entrepreneurs/bloggers!

They all come with a reasonable price, good after-sales service, and updates regularly. If you would like to have an excellent blog design for your readers, check each one, and I am sure you will find a good one for your blog!

#1 Blush $59

#2 Jasmine $59

#3 Adorable $59

#4 Everleigh $69

#5 Hadleigh $69

#6 Isabelle $79

#7 Addision $99

#8 Glamour $149

#9 Chic Serve $129

Top choice for service-based female entrepreneurs!

#10 Refined $129

#11 Niche Pro $129

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