50% open email rate?! 7 reasons why I switched to ConvertKit!

Want to have a better open rate for your emails? My open rate has is more than 50% after switching to ConvertKit!

Before using ConvertKit, I’ve read many bloggers recommend ConvertKit, but their reasons are not plausible. That’s why I decided to try it out myself and see if it’s worth using ConvertKit. This post will share my honest opinion and explain why my open email rate has increased so much and my tips to increase your open email rate!

Reason #1 Your emails are in primary folders, not in promotion folders!

Before using ConvertKit, I tried MailerLite and Mailchimp. MailerLite and Mailchimp offer friendly free plans for new bloggers! However, I noticed a high chance that the system regards your emails as promotional emails. As a result, it lowers the open rate for your emails. You can test it yourself.

On the contrary, if you send out emails with ConvertKit, a very high chance that your emails are in the primary folder unless the subscriber manually moves your email to the promotional folder more than two times. When your emails are in the primary folder, a much higher chance that the subscribers will see and open your emails! This is why I have a more than 50% open rate!If you don’t believe what I say, test it yourself!

Reason #2 A/B testing for all free plan users

MailerLite and Mailchimp only offer A/B testing to their paid plan users, but ConvertKit offers it to free plan users as well!

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Why it’s crucial to have A/B testing

A/B testing is an excellent tool for bloggers, especially if you are new to email marketing. A/B testing allows you to have two different email subject lines, and the system will test which one performs better by sending them to the first 30% of the subscribers. Then, the system will send the email with the subject line that generates a better result to the rest of the subscribers.

I was new to email marketing and unsure how to create a catchy subject line; A/B testing was an excellent way to test and learn. This is also one of the reasons why my open email rate has increased! The best of all, it’s free for ConvertKit free plan users!

Reason #3 Autosave your email content as you write it

I used MailerLite for more than a year. What frustrated me the most was that sometimes the system shutdown itself without reason, so I had to write everything again…

For ConvertKit, it happens sometimes, but they save your content as you write. That’s perfect!

Reason #4 Many easy-to-use and eye-catching templates to collect subscribers!

Many templates to choose from, even on a free plan!

If you want to grow your email list, you must have eye-catching templates! There are many options for free plan users, and most important of all, they are easy for visitors to fill in their contact information.

There are more than ten templates for you to choose and they are in minimalism style. “Less is more” is best for your blogging business.

Reason #5 Easy-to-use for your blogging business.

For any tools, it is they should be easy to use and learn. ConvertKit aims to make their uses life easier. The system is easy to use and makes your time more efficient.

Example: one-click saves your time!

ConvertKit identifies the subscribers who have not read your email. You can resend the email again by clicking this button.

For example, I like their function: resend to unopens.
If the subscribers didn’t open your email, you could send them the same email again by clicking on the “resend to unopens” button, making everything easy.

Mailchimp and MailerLite don’t have such a function, so I need to tag the unopened subscribers manually and send the email again. It not only takes more time but also makes the whole process more complicated.

Reason #6 No bugs in their email automation sequence

Email automation is the key to my business. I don’t have to sit behind the desk every day. My new subscribers will receive my welcome email once they sign up for my freebies with email automation.

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My experience with MailerLite and ConvertKit

I used MailerLite email automation for more than one year, and some subscribers complained that they didn’t receive the course email for my free blogging email course. I once talked to the MailerLite customer service team, and they couldn’t find the reasons. Therefore, I switched to ConvertKit and gave it a try. It turned out to be no issues at all, and I am delighted.

However, email automation is not free. You have to be a paid member, but I would say it’s worth it!

Reason #7 Easy to identify cold subscribers!

There are many reasons why you have a low open rate for your emails; either your subject line is not good enough, or you have many cold subscribers.

What are cold subscribers?

Any subscriber who hasn’t opened or clicked an email in the last 90 days, then they are considered a cold subscriber. ConvertKit identifies the cold subscribers, and you can first send them a reminder email saying that if they don’t respond, you will remove them from your email list.

Removing your cold subscribers is a must for business owners. It could impact your open email rate, email delivery, and you won’t have unnecessary costs (you pay more monthly fees once you have more subscribers!).

Reason #8 Auto-check broken links in the email

Before sending out emails, I always check if the links are valid or not. However, sometimes I forget to prevent it, and subscribers reply: can’t access it due to broken link! How embarrassing!

ConvertKit has a built-in system where they check if your link is valid or not. That’s super helpful!

This function also applies to members with a free plan! As you see in the picture, there’s a message popping up on the right saying you have broken links while you draft your email! That’s helpful.

What you can do now

From my experience, it’s an excellent option to use ConvertKit for any bloggers. In the past, they don’t offer a free plan at all. You can join ConvertKit and try it now! Now, you can have up to 1,000 subscribers for your free plan.

Last Updated on January 3, 2023 by heronlineempire

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