Ultimate Guide for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing for new bloggers!

Affiliate Marketing is an excellent way to monetize your blog, especially for new bloggers. I started making extra money in my first month of blogging with Affiliate Marketing.

Suppose you have not heard of Affiliate Marketing or have not made money from it yet. In that case, you need to read this article carefully and start implementing the strategies today!

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

A brief history of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing was first initiated by Amazon more than 10 years ago and now is a very popular way for companies, especially C2C (Customer to Customer) business, to promote their products.

How does Affiliate Marketing work?

A person or a business places the affiliate link on a blog or any social platform. Suppose someone uses the link to buy a product or complete a certain action defined by the affiliate companies. In that case, the person, generally named Affiliate, can receive the affiliate companies’ commission.

The certain actions defined by the affiliate companies could be completing a sales order, signing up for a form, etc.

Why do companies love Affiliate Marketing?

Companies usually have a budget for affiliate marketing. They only need to pay the Affiliate only when a specific action is performed, like someone completes the sales order or signs up for the forms.

In the past, many companies spent a lot of money on advertisement. Still, they cannot tell if their advertisements were worth the money. With Affiliate Marketing, many people promote the products for the companies for free. Companies only pay the affiliates when someone buys their products or performs a specific action defined by companies.

Why do bloggers love Affiliate Marketing?

For bloggers, Affiliate Marketing is an excellent way to earn money online.

Bloggers are good at writing articles, and they don’t need to take care of product planning, production, and after-sale service, etc. The only thing that bloggers have to do is to promote the products in the blog posts.

Nowadays, most people would first check the product reviews online before they buy. If bloggers help the potential buyers in their posts with the affiliate link, you can earn commissions.

Why do I recommend Affiliate Marketing?

Start making money from your blog with Affiliate Marketing today, especially if you have a full-time job.
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Affiliate Marketing is my favorite way to earn money from my blog.

Below are the pros of monetizing your blog with Affiliate Marketing:

  • New bloggers can use it to monetize the blog from day 1
  • It is not needed to develop your products and perform any after-sales service.
  • Recommend the products you like to readers and earn commission
  • It is a passive income! The main reason why I love it so much!

What is Passive Income?

Passive Income means you do not need to trade your time for money. As long as you build up an automation system, you can generate income whenever you travel, sleep, have fun, etc.

For bloggers, you only need to write a blog post with affiliate links and hit publish. Later, anyone clicks on your affiliate link and buy a product or sign up for a form; you get commissions!

Since I have a busy full-time job, time is very precious to me. I do not want to work on sponsored posts or freelance works for extra money. What I need is to generate passive income.

If you run your blog while having a full-time job, be sure to utilize Affiliate Marketing fully. In this post, I will share my tips for Affiliate Marketing.

How much can you earn?

There is a vast potential to make money from Affiliate Marketing. If you read blog income reports, it is a common way to earn money from Affiliate Marketing.

At this point, you are probably interested in how much I make from Affiliate Marketing?

Answer: $8,000 after I implemented Affiliate links in my blog posts! With my second blog, I even made money already in one month for my newly created blog!

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The cons of using affiliate marketing

Of course, everything has a good and a bad side. Below is the list of the cons of using Affiliate Marketing:

  • A blog might be slower if you join some Affiliate Network, like Skimlinks
  • Take time to find out the best products to promote for your readers
  • The commission rate is relatively low for some products, so I highly recommend you promote affiliate products with higher commission
  • Readers might find your blog spammy
  • Less Friendly blog for the readers

It is never easy to make money, but if you have a strategy and set your mind to do it. You got it! Below I will share what techniques I use in my blog to promote the affiliate products.

How to monetize your blog with Affiliate Marketing programs?

Now, you know what Affiliate Marketing is, but you are probably wondering how to join. Let me show you my best tips to help you earn your first $1,000 from blogging.

List of Affiliate Network to join

There are two ways to join Affiliate Program:

#1 Affiliate Program hosted by companies themselves

You can visit the company websites of the products/service you would like to promote and check if they accept new members for affiliate programs. Besides, you can Google the company name + affiliate program in the search bar.

Many big companies offer affiliate programs themselves, like Booking.com, Get Your Guide, etc.

If you know what you can promote to your target audience, join self-hosted affiliate programs from the companies.

#2 Affiliate Network

They are the middlemen connecting bloggers and the companies that offer affiliate programs for their products or services. These companies are responsible for A LOT of affiliate programs from their clients or for other companies.

Here is the list of top affiliate networks for new bloggers to join:

Benefits and important things to know when joining the affiliate network

For new bloggers, I highly recommend you join Affiliate Network first unless you are very clear about what affiliate products you can promote.

Benefits and essential things to know when joining the affiliate network:

  • You get the chance to promote A LOT of affiliate products from different companies.
  • Some companies do not open their affiliate program to the public but only to the affiliate network.
  • Since there is always a minimum amount for payout, be sure to focus on 1-2 affiliate networks so that you can get your first payment fast!
  • The commission rate is usually lower for the same affiliate products if you join the affiliate network than if you join the affiliate program hosted by the companies themselves. However, the later ones usually have a higher minimum amount for payout. That’s why I recommend new bloggers join Affiliate Network.

My success story with the affiliate network

The travel blog that made my first $10,000, I first only joined the affiliate program from big travel-related companies. Still, I earned most of my commissions via the affiliate network.

Some Affiliate programs are only available via affiliate networks, and some don’t even know they exist before joining the affiliate network. Once you get accepted to the affiliate program, be sure to check all the products in your niche and think what it the best products to promote in your blog.

Affiliate Marketing is the best way to monetize your blog for new bloggers!
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Pro blogger tips for promoting affiliate marketing

The theories of Affiliate Marketing for new bloggers are easy. Still, of course, you always need some pro blogger tips to earn commissions. Below are the pro blogger tips about how to promote your affiliate products:

#1: Identify your audience

To successfully sell the products, you need to know who your audience is and what they want. The first important step for affiliate marketing is knowing your audience, like their age, profession, what they like and dislike, what they are struggling with the most, etc.

#2: Find the right products for your audience

Once you find out who your target audience is, review all the products/services listed on your affiliate network dashboard. Besides, check them all, and think if they are useful for your readers.

The most common mistakes that new bloggers make is that they put irrelevant products in their posts or their posts are not relevant to the products they would like to promote.

Solution: create the relevant posts, so your readers think that the services or products are the best offers for them!

#3: Start with high commission Affiliate Programs or high-value products

When I first started, I only targeted the products that were the best option for me. However, these companies offered a low commission rate. I was so frustrated because my income was relatively low, even though I tried very hard! Then I realized that you could do two things:

  • Offer products with a higher commission rate
  • Promote high-value products; even they are with a lower commission percentage

Think about this: A sales order for $100, but only get 5% commission, you get $5 as a reward. What if you sell $100, but 20% as your commission or $1,000 but with 3% return? Don’t sell products worth $30, but only get 8% commission, unless you can make a big sale from it.

#4: Always promote the products/services that you believe are good

It takes a long time to build trust with your readers, but you can deteriorate it very quickly.

#5: Place relevant affiliate links in your most popular posts

The most popular posts are an excellent place to promote your posts or products. The most popular posts are the best place to show what you can offer to the readers!

Not sure what your popular posts are? Check Google analytics!

If you don’t have access to it yet, install the Monsterboard plugin on your WordPress site!

#6: Target on 3 affiliate programs first

Pick the top 3 affiliate programs that suit your blog and audience the most and try all your energy in selling them. This way, higher chances for you to get your first payout faster!

Common myths from new bloggers about affiliate marketing

If you haven’t implemented Affiliate Marketing in your blog, you are probably thinking; I just started my blog, should I implement it? Or have some myths like:

Myth #1: You need a lot of traffic to make money from your blog

No, not at all, but you need traffic for sure. In my second blog, which made $100 in my first month, I had less than 100 pages of views per week. Seriously, as long as you start and target the right audience and products, you can do it!

Myth #2: It isn’t easy to make money with Affiliate Marketing

No, but if you don’t want to try and treat your blog like a business, of course, it isn’t easy. It is never easy to make money, but if you have the right strategy when you start your blog and put your effort into it and be patient, you will make money.

Many people say it is difficult because they have never tried it. Give yourself a try!

Useful resources

When I first started, I made money from blogging without taking any courses and just reading some useful information online. Later, I realized that there is some information out there you cannot find online, but in the paid online course.

Below are the three courses about Affiliate Marketing that I took and recommended to them. I paid for all the courses myself! I know it’s crazy, but I made money very soon to pay back my course fee when I implemented them.

#1: Make Sense of Affiliate Marketing

Make Sense of Affiliate Marketing is one of the favoriate blogging courses I’ve taken!

Michelle makes $50,000 per month only from Affiliate Marketing. The course is well-structured. Although it’s a text-based course, Michelle can explain the concept and strategies you can take clearly. Besides, you have a Facebook group for students only. You can raise any questions you have during the course or even the problems you face in terms of implementing Affiliate Marketing to your blog!

The course comes at a fair price, but if your budget is tight, I recommend joining the course since it is very rarely on discount. I waited for four months and still no special deals, so I bought it at full-price in the end, but I got my money back very quickly by implementing the strategies from the course.

#2: Affiliate Marketing Simplified

Cate offers this course from Sweet and Simplified. The course is also about Affiliate Marketing, but it is more fundamental than Michelle’s, making sense of Affiliate Marketing, to be honest.

Then why I put it on the list? If you don’t want to pay a lot of money for the course or on a tight budget, try Affiliate Marketing in your blog first. Then you can join this course; it is very affordable.

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