7 Things I did to have a happier life!

When you are reading this post, most likely, you are not happy about your life. I was not satisfied with my life, and I paid a high price for it. Now, I am more comfortable than ever in the past three years. I believe in the power of sharing; so, I am writing this post.

Back in 2019, I was not happy at all. I got stuck in a job I did not like and kept complaining about it, but I couldn’t change my career since I need the money, and with my skills, it wasn’t easy to find a better job.

Every day, I kept complaining and looked very unhappy when I got back home. My husband always tried to cheer me up as much as possible, but I still felt sad and had the feeling that I got trapped in a cage and couldn’t get out of it.

The sad mood went on for two years, and I kept complaining about it. One day, I was on my bike to the train station for work, just like any other day, but I fell very hard from my bike this time. My face got hit on the ground very hard, and I lost three teeth, including two front teeth.

According to the lady who called the ambulance, I fell very hard, and luckily it didn’t hurt my neck. If it did, it would be a tragedy.

After the accident, the book “secret: the law of attraction” came to my mind, and I believed I needed to do something about my life. I couldn’t take the negativity anymore. Therefore, I took some actions, and I always take these actions when I am down. I hope they will also help you!

Before you keep reading, remember this:

There is always a solution, don’t keep yourself in the negativity as I did; you would only keep yourself in negativity if you do nothing about it.

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7 Things I did to have a happier life.

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#1: You change the situation.

Looking back, I was only complaining and did not try hard to find a solution. Remember, there is always a solution to your problem. You are the only person who can change, and you will find the answer only if you want to. You have the power to change yourself and your surroundings.

I like the quote from Marie Ferlo, “Everything is figureoutable.” When you have this mindset, you control your life and always try to find a solution. Don’t let others decide your life for you. You determine your own life. Click here to check the video about it and get inspired now!

Now, write down “Everything is figureoutable” on any paper around you and repeat it ten times out loud.

#2 If things can’t change, change your attitude

If it is not possible to change something in a short time, change the way how you see it.

I was unhappy with my job. After the accident, I see things differently. Though the job is not satisfying, I have income and no need to worry about my living costs. I should cherish what I have.

Besides, I become more active at work and tell my manager what I want to do daily. Of course, I cannot do all the things I like at work since I am not the boss, but I can ask for tasks that I want in my daily tasks, not just wait for the assigned tasks. Being active in your mindset and action, and you will appreciate what you did in the end.

#3 Believe “The Law of Attraction.” and have a positive vibe

Have you heard of “The Law of Attraction”? I did not believe it before the accident. When I wanted to change my life, I thought maybe I should give it a try.

According to Wikipedia, The Law of Attraction believes that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person’s life.

I know it sounds “strange,” but at some point, it is true. Looking back, I was super unhappy and only had negativities in my mind: unhappy at work, living in a small, old and dirty apartment to save more money to buy our first house, etc.

What I do and what you can do as well:

To eliminate my negativity and have a positive mindset, I started writing a “gratitude journal.” List down three things I am or should be happy about every day before I went to bed. It only takes 10 minutes per day.

If you are busy and are thinking you have no time. Trust me. You have, stop using your phone, then you have time. You don’t need a fancy journal. A simple journal will do the work as long as you take action to keep writing your gratitude journal.

120 Journal Prompts

#4 Write down your favorite positive quotes on the notes and ensure you read them often

Once you see the positive quotes and it would list your spirit. If not, at least, your brain senses that you need to stay positive and take action.

If you do not have your favorite positive quotes, visit Pinterest, and you will find a ton! Pick three quotes and write them down on paper and carry them with you all the time.

What I do and what you can do as well:

  • I put it next to my bed, so I see it when I grab my glasses when getting up.
  • Then I put the notes in my bag before leaving for work.
  • Keep the notes on my work table or place them anywhere you see them the most, so I see them when I am down at work.

I know it sounds crazy, but these positive quotes light up your mood when you see them.

#5 Stop checking your phone

Say bye-bye to your smartphone!

Did you know the relation between smartphones and dopamine?

Most of us use smartphones to talk with our friends, check 9Gag for fun videos, etc. All these activities caused the release of dopamine, which makes us feel happy. When we are not satisfied, we unconsciously recheck our phone to happy again! Then you are in this phone cycle or phone addiction, and it turns out your life is checking with your phone and feel unsatisfied with your life after checking other people’s “perfect” life.

To this end, you didn’t spend them doing something helpful or meaningful to your life, but only comparing yourself with other people’s life. I did not believe how bad the phone addiction can be, but when I only check my phone only a few times per day, not multiple times in 2 hours, I feel much better and can focus more on myself.

#6 Start meditating

We live in a busy world and are always busy with work and family.

Give some time to yourself and start meditation, and you will know how powerful it is. Give yourself 15 minutes a day, and you will see the change. According to a recent study, meditation can reduce stress and anxiety after 8-week training.

When my husband recommended meditation to me, I actually refused it. I did not know anything about it and am now sure if it would help. About two months later, people around me shared their changes after starting meditation regularly, I thought: maybe I should give it a try. Once I tried for a week, I could see how it changed my mind. It helps me get peace of mind.

If you are not sure if the meditation is right for you, visit Insighttimer, lifetime free access to their online meditation sessions. You can start from free meditation resources or watch the mini-series called Headspace Guide to Meditation on Netflix if you already have a Netflix account.


#7 Create your vision board

In my darkest two years, I had no goals in life. The only thing I knew was: work for money, but what’s next? I did not know.

What do you want to achieve in your life? What do you want to see in your life? Besides making money? I had no other things to look forward to in life.

I went through some YouTube videos and read some books about the meaning of life and life goals. Finally, I design my vision board and work hard on it now.

What I did and you can do it as well:

Step 1: List down the most critical elements in your life.

I picked Family, Relationships, Job, Start my own business, Finance, Personal Growth, Hobby, Health (physically & mentally), Dream.

Step 2: Use your red pen to circle the ones that you spend most of your time on.

For me, that is work, my online business, and my family.

Step 3: Use another color pen to circle the ones you would like to work on, which you want the most.

I picked Family, My Online Business, and Health.

Step 4: Make your action plan!

From step 3, I know what I want in life. Now, I need to have an action plan and spend most of my time on them. I created Her Online Empire website and started writing posts. In addition, I plan what to do each month. You should do the same.

Step 5: Create Your Vision Board

Visit Pinterest and download pictures that remind you of the things you want in life. Then use Canva to create your vision board for your desktop wallpaper. You see it every time you use your laptop or computer.

After finishing this exercise, I realize I need to work to have more money investing in my online business, and once the online business grows, it would help me have more time for myself and my family. Besides, my online business is something related to my hobby. That’s even better!

If you do not have goals in life, think about what you want to have in your life, try to link them together to have a vision, and work hard for them.

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Final Thoughts

These are the seven things I did to have a more satisfying life. I hope this article helps you. Welcome to share your tips or let me know how you feel after implementing them.

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